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Cannot Send Email and receiving Unknown Error -1

Question asked by Cleanwater on Mar 31, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2010 by RossHurley


Cannot Send Email and receiving Unknown Error -1


When trying to run a "Send Mail" script, I receive the following message:

"No profiles have been created.  To create a new profile, use the Mail icon in the Control Panel"

When I click "OK" I receive the "Unknown Error: -1" message


I checked the Mail in Control Panel and it is correctly assigned to Microsoft Outlook and my email profile is the default.  


On the FileMaker server, the SMTP information is accurate and the Test Email works.  


In Filemaker Pro, when I go to File-Send Mail and manually enter my email address for "Email Client" I receive the same error message.  When I manually enter the SMTP information, it successfully sends the email.  In my Send Mail script, it is currently set to use "Email Client".  However, even if I change the script to use the same SMTP information as used before, it still fails and gives me the "No Profile" and "Unknown Error: -1" messages.  


I am currently using FileMaker Pro in a Citrix environment.  The send mail scripts worked previously in a similar environment using MS Terminal Services rather than Citrix.


How can I set FileMaker or Citrix environment so that it points to Microsoft Outlook as the default email client for sending email in FileMaker Pro?


Thank you