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Cannot specify multiple Reports for E-mailing pdf

Question asked by datablaze on Jul 1, 2009
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Cannot specify multiple Reports for E-mailing pdf


I have created a script (using Set Variable invoice #) which saves a pdf of each record (Invoice) and then attaches it for outgoing emails; one invoice per email (by Looping through each record of the found set).

The difficulty I'm having is when I try to use this same formula for saving a pdf (using Set Variable account#) of monthly statements (each itemizing several invoices).  In the script step "Save Records as PDF ... the Specify Options are to save Records Being Browsed or Current Record. If I select Records Being Browsed the pdf contains all 'pages' (statements) in a single pdf, using the e-mail address and account number from the first record only; and, if I select the second option, then a single (unformatted) pdf is created for the first record only.

I've tried several different combinations but the results are always the same.

If anyone has a suggestion I would be grateful to learn it.

I. French