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    Cannot update email field.



      Cannot update email field.


      I work on an iMac with OSX 10.5.8 running FMPro 9.0v3. I have an email field in the contact database which displays emails addresses. I can click on the email and it pops an email open in the apple mail program so I can compose an email to that contact. 

      From time to time I need to change the email address, however, anytime I try to change the text in the field it pops an email. The address seems to be a hyperlink and won't let me change the info in the field. It is displayed in blue text and the rest of the fields display in black text.

      I have 1,200 contacts with email addresses so I cannot delete the field and start over but I have many contacts with old emails in the field and I don't know what to do to change the address.

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          Sounds like the field has been set up as a button so that clicking the field is like clicking a button and that action is set to open the Send Mail dialog. If the field is still in the layout's tab order, you should be able to press tab (or enter or Return--depends on the behavior options selected for the fields on your layout) until you see the cursor in this field.

          A simpler solution would be to enter layout mode, make a copy of your field to use for editing and use Ungroup on it to remove the button setup. Also, select the field and check the Behavior section of the data tab in the inspector to make sure that field entry is permitted in browse mode.

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            Thanks PhilModJunk. Both of the things you diagnosed were applicable. The field could not be tabbed into so I changed that in behavior. And, I guess, it was in a group because when I used Ungroup it removed the button behavior. Correct on both counts.

            I like the button behavior "send mail" when I move the mouse over it so I will keep it as a button and grouped. I did change it so that field entry is permitted in browse mode so that I can change the address when necessary. I did not make a copy of the field, why is that necessary? I did these changes on a copy not the original yet.

            Two questions. Will this be OK to leave it grouped and button and just tab into the field when changes are necessary?

            Why was it grouped to anything anyway and why does ungrouping remove the button behavior from the fiedl? 

            If you have the time to answer I would appreciate it. I want to maintain the stability and integrity of the database so changing things makes me a little nervous.

            Thank you.

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              By making a copy you can use one copy for editing and click the other to send mail. It was also a safe way to test things out while leaving your original field unmodified.

              No reason why you can't leave things the way you have them now--though my preference would be to add a button next to the layout for sending email and then remove the button settings from the field. That way I can easily click or tab into the field to edit it, but click the button next to it to send an email.

              Whenever you select a layout object or group of objects and then use Button Setup... to specify an action to occur when they are clicked, FileMaker groups the selected object(s) with an invisible object that has the button settings you specified. Ungrouping any button removes all the button settings and returns the object to being just a field, layout text or a graphic object of some type.

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                The button seems like a good idea. I have never done one though. I set one up in layout and I am in field/control setup. Display as: radio button set. I just want a little round button but it makes me choose values to put in the button. I have an email label but I don't want any values in the button itself. I have found the actions to send mail and chose the email field. 

                How do i get just a button with the label send email?

                If you have time to answer.

                Thanks for you help with this.

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                  Enter layout mode.

                  At the top of your screen there's a button tool click it to select it and then draw a rectangle on your layout where you want your button.

                  This brings up Button Setup... where you can assign the same settings currently specified for your email field as a button.

                  When you click Ok, you'll see your new button with the cursor in the middle of it. Type in the label text you want and you've got a button.

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                    Thanks again for the advice.