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cant access instant web messaging

Question asked by broquard on Feb 2, 2010
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cant access instant web messaging


i need help please......


after purchasing filemaker v10 and subsequently being ill advised (by filemakers sales dept) that i needed to purchase flemaker server to do what i needed to do (which i did) .....i was then informed that filemeker v 10 would do what i needed to do by using instant web publishing........i have enabled IWP and have had others attempt to log on but it says that the page cannot be displayed........i have used the url that appears when enabling IWP as well as the IP one obtains from work......i have used port 80 and port 591.......neither work.......filemakers very feable tech dept has walked me thru this process on 4 different occasions without success......they advise me to call there advance tech dept for $3.00 a minute or try this forum.......i have also enabled the program to be excempt from my computers firewall protection........


any suggestions would be a great help.........

thank you in advance  




Help please.


I have successfully used Instant Web Publishing to publish my database. I can access it from Safari without a problem. But I have tried to access it using Chrome, IE and Firefox from my laptop and from another computer with no luck. I am getting a "can't open this page" message.


On the host computer: I tried opening the 591 port, which is what I'm using. I tried turning off the firewall.


The database is in filemaker 8.5.


Any thoughts here?


thanks much, ee