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Cant decide tables and relationships

Question asked by kemaloznoyan on Mar 18, 2011
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Cant decide tables and relationships


Hello,I have to create database relations for the start but I cannot decide how to do that because i have so much variable field. Can anybody help me for the decide?

Tables: Banks, Accounts, Transactions

I have 7 different bank accounts and also 3 different exchanges (USD, EURO and birr) 

I have to organise transactions for daily and report them as well.. 

I did:

Banks: Bank ID(autonumber for relations), Bank Name

Accounts: Account ID (autonumber for relations), Main account, sub account

Transactions: ID (autonumber), Date, Description, Document No, debit USD, credit USD, debit Euro, credit Euro, debit BIRR, credit BIRR, Bank ID (for relations) and Accounts ID (for relations)

So now I have some variable as bank names, main and sub accounts, dates.. I couldnt decide how to create relations for portal tool..

It must be like account system.. I have to write dates on form and below portal part must show transactions with related date but also i have to use that portal for records change add etc.. in that portal bank names, main account and sub accounts are variables ( like popup menu or drop down list)...

Any idea? What must be common field? is that date? Please help to me with suggestions.