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Cant find a way to get counts on pie chart

Question asked by johncampbell on Aug 7, 2014
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Cant find a way to get counts on pie chart


     I have a project management DB where there is a table of projects related one-to-many with a tasks table. Each project has a project manager (=user) and a set of tasks. Each task has a status (closed, open etc).

     The requirement is that when a user logs in, they are taken immediately to a Project Manager Dashboard which lists their active projects (no problem), shows a bar chart of the revenue for each of those projects (no problem), and shows a pie chart of the counts of the Task Statuses across all those projects (problem).

     The charter is only showing the Task Status for the currently selected record, and even then shows each task staus separately in the pie (i.e. I get a slice for each task). What I want is a total for a given task status, for all the tasks, across all the projects in the found set. So the pie would show for example a total of 10 tasks in status Open, 30 tasks in Status closed etc etc.

     I can't see a way to tell it to use counts.


     The charts are showing in a Footer part.

     Chart data = related records

     Related table = Tasks

     Category Label = Tasks::Status

     Slice Data = Tasks::Status

     Thanks for you help!...John