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Cant see fields when printing estimate!

Question asked by on Sep 17, 2012
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Cant see fields when printing estimate!


     I am having an issue seeing my supplies total and labor total when I click on print estimate from my file maker document. The preview shows the subtotal, tax, and total, but does not show supplies total or labor. Here is what I have tried so far, and ive spent 3 days so please help!

     When I move the fields under the Leading Grand Summary, the fields all show up fine and I can see it, the problem is I want to see this summary at the end of my report!!

     I already checked to make sure that the fields are not hidden, and that the database it is referring to is the Estiamtes Data.. I have uploaded some pictures to help you guys visualize what I am saying.


     Please give me some pointers as to what I can do at this point I have tried everything mentioned in the Filemaker support docs to display my supplies and labor total but nothing works!! Its like there is some sort of script not allowing me to add anything but the default fields of subtotal, tax and grand total!