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Capability of Filemaker Pro

Question asked by A.Schwarte on Sep 16, 2010
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Capability of Filemaker Pro


Hello, my employers are wanting to use Filemaker Pro to make databases to create "Safe Work Statements" (required by law in Australia for this type of work.)  This is a type of document that lists the specific parts of a job, the potiential hazards, the hazard & risk ratings, safety controls, the people responsible, their qualifications, responsibilities etc.  As you can imagine these are pretty long and specific documents, but they all follow the same format and have the same sort of variables in it.

So basically, I would like to know if Filemaker Pro has the capability to create the sort of database needed for this type of work.   They are wanting me to create this without any prior experience with this software, and while this is possible, I want to make sure learning it isn't a complete waste of time.

I have sample documents if this isn't clear, but can't post them here it seems, so if someone would be willing to help I can email one over ...

Thanks in advance for the help!