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Capability to replace data and assign values to data elements

Question asked by DonnaWilliams on Apr 12, 2012
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Capability to replace data and assign values to data elements


I am currently using Excel pivot tables to manage data. However, I would need to create macros to accomplish certain data replacement requirements.  Specifically, I get data from my ordering backend which needs to be manipulated.  For example, lets say my database gives me 5 different product types ordered.  Two of them are exactly the same product but called different names :  "Large Bag Subscription" and "Single Large Bag".  For production and delivery purposes I just need to know I have X number of LARGE BAGs.  with Excel I need to cut and paste replace the names in order to get one number.  I Have a list of delivery locations associated with the products.  For example, 5 Large Bags  delivered to ABC Street and 2 Small Bags to 123 Street.  I need list I can use for making labels that print in order of delivery.  All individual orders for ABC Street, whichis stop #1, are listed first and then 123 Street order are Stop #2.  The problem is each week I have to manually assign a numbe to each location for each order.  


Finally the question:  Can Filemaker Pro solve these problems for me better than hiring someone to write macros for Excel?