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Capping records to 18 and repopulating

Question asked by VincentMacri on Dec 1, 2014
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Capping records to 18 and repopulating



I need to to design a patient info form.  The end result is the information of 18 patients on approx 3 pages layed out for medical professionals to read.  To get to this point I need to create 18 records attached to pt bed numbers eg bed 1 Mr Smith Bed 2 Mrs White etc.  But I dont want users to go beyond 18 records as there are only 18 beds in our ward.  How can I cap the records and then delete the records once the patient has been discharged and then start again with a clear record for that bed space? I'm not trying to save the data but just put it into an easy format to populate and read.

Any help appreciated.