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    Capping records to 18 and repopulating



      Capping records to 18 and repopulating



      I need to to design a patient info form.  The end result is the information of 18 patients on approx 3 pages layed out for medical professionals to read.  To get to this point I need to create 18 records attached to pt bed numbers eg bed 1 Mr Smith Bed 2 Mrs White etc.  But I dont want users to go beyond 18 records as there are only 18 beds in our ward.  How can I cap the records and then delete the records once the patient has been discharged and then start again with a clear record for that bed space? I'm not trying to save the data but just put it into an easy format to populate and read.

      Any help appreciated.

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          Why bother doing this on a database if you don't want to keep any of the information at all?  If you goal is to make a list of patients assigned to beds, a simple spreadsheet would do the trick.

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            Hi Steve

            Unfortunately a spreadsheet has an appalling presentation, can be manipulated by  curious people even when security has been applied and is restricitive in the advanced features I need to add.  The file maker interface allows users to input the data in the right section with the right information, and importantly can't be manipulated by those who shouldn't.  As well as this, I'm looking to add in a save function down the track, but I'm really interested in

            1. How can I cap the records to 18 (each record represents a bed space)

            2 How can I delete a record when a patient is discharged, so I can repopulate with new patient.

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              How about creating the 18 records you need, populating the fields that attribute to the "bed", that are not related to the patients and that never change.

              Then restrict the Manage Security privileges for all users to allow no record creation.

              Then write a script which clears all the fields that will change with a new patient, then make a button that runs this script, which would need to be deliberately pushed when a patient leaves, or a script trigger if more appropriate. The script will clear the fields and make ready for a new patient.