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      Please remove the awful captcha thing

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          No can do. You'll have to put up with this for the foreseeable future.

          This forum has been under heavy "Spam Assault" by at least two different people all week. At times, the forum has been flooded with more than a 1000 spam posts in each section rendering the forum unusable until someone goes in and deletes them all. These turkeys are using software to do their posting in high volume. The captcha text forces them to manually confirm they are human and not a program. This, at least one individual is willing to do, but the captcha text slows them down to a point where we can much more easily stay on top of it.

          I and the FileMaker Inc folks are aware of the inconvenience, but the irresponsible behavior of others has left them no choice. This also, by the way "breaks" posting from iOS devices as the captcha screen never pops up on those devices and thus you are blocked from posting.

          A comment about this by ModMan indicates that they are also researching other defenses to put in place.


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            I'm currently on an iOS device and just selected new forum post. It let me type a title and some subject matter. I didn't send it because it was just a  test post. When does the captcha kick in? Ipon sending?

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              After posting, you get an error message that captcha failed. Presumably you can post two times from an iOS device and then no joy till tomorrow...

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                I would rather have a captcha then have to scroll through all the spam. 

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                  exactly. But be advised we can still end up scrolling through spam, but with Captcha in place it's less and pops up more slowly.