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      Oddly enough although when I try to reply to a post (after my one per day) from iOS and  I'm told about "failed captcha" when I create a new post I'm presented with a captcha and simply type it in as requested. Works fine. So . . . It's not a question of whether captcha works on iOS or not.


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          No, it's just one more example of the crappy job done by the Oracle RightNow team.

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            I have to agree with PhilModJunk on this.  I get an easy readable captcha on my notebook computer, it's usually 3 or 4 digits.  I can post on one of my desktop computers and get 6 or 7 characters ram to together and unreadable.  Randomly,  I will not get a captcha,

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              Not quite what I meant. The iOS specific screen you get when you try to respond to a post here from an iPhone or iPad is pathetic. It doesn't work at all with Captcha and lacks any means to get back to the top level of a forum section. You have to either tap the back button or use a bookmark.