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    Capture is not seen on iPad or iPhone



      Capture is not seen on iPad or iPhone


      I can't add posts on this forum through iPad or iPhone. It always says: Failed capture. But I never see the Capture.

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          You'll need to use a different device to post to this forum. This is regrettable combination of two things:

          The Oracle RightNow programmers did a lousy job creating the supposedly iOS friendly data entry screen and it lacks a number of necessary features--including the ability to display the captcha text dialog that you have to enter the displayed text to prove that you are not a computer program doing the posting.

          There is an idiot, presumably in Korea that is posting mass numbers of junk posts to this forum, literally flooding it with the same. FileMaker inc. had no choice but to enable a "Captcha" dialog after each post to keep this person from using software to flood the forum with nearly a 1000 such posts in each section of the forum each day. This person is still posting junk that has to be continually removed, but they are now forced to manually enter this text and that slows them down and reduces their behavior to the minor annoyance level that can fairly easily be cleared out.