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    Capture user keyboard input in modal window?


      Capture user keyboard input in modal window?


           I was wondering if anyone had an idea about how to capture user keyboard key presses while in a modal window (FM 12)?

           I have a pop-up window that has a bunch of checkbox sets in it to act as a found set filter.  There are OK and Cancel buttons on the window, but it would be nice if I could also trap for ENTER or RETURN key to activate the OK button, and also perhaps the ESC key to close/cancel the window.

           To further complicate things, there is a script that runs to open the window in the first place.  I did find a way to work part of this by using the Pause/Resume script step in this original script that opens the window.  Part of the Pause setting will cause the script to Continue when the Enter key is pressed. 

           I have done such things inside a field, but how to monitor the window as a whole?  Could put a timer script to move the focus to a field, and then monitor that field.  But that would have to run very frequently to be sure to try and capture the input and not fail in some instances.

           --  J

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               ON LayoutKeystroke will work in your modal window. See layout setup...|Script Triggers

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                 Excellent!  Thanks, Phil!

                 Here's the code I came up with to run:

                 If [ Exact (Code (Get (TriggerKeystroke) );13) or  Exact (Code (Get (TriggerKeystroke));10)]

                 #ENTER = 10, RETURN = 13
                 Perform Script [ “Filter Window Close”; Parameter: "OK" ]

                 Else If [ Exact ( Code ( Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) ) ; 27 ) ]

                 #ESC = 27
                 Perform Script [ “Filter Window Close”; Parameter: "Cancel" ]


                 Exit Script [ Result: 0 ]

                 End If

                 One last little aspect, though:  how can I handle the CLOSE window widget?  Putting a trigger on modeexit or layoutexit wouldn't know HOW it was exited.  Unless there is some way of polling for the OS UI's widgets...

                 Yeah, I suppose that we could just remove that functionality all together, and force them to use the buttons (or the new keystroke checks).


                 --  J

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                   There's no need for using the Exact function here.

                   Code (Get (TriggerKeystroke) ) = 13

                   will give you the same results as Exact (Code (Get (TriggerKeystroke) );13)

                   If you have FileMaker Advanced, you can install a custom menu for you window's layout that replaces the standard close window with a call to the close window script and you can specify a parameter to be passed to it.

                   If you have Filemaker Pro 12, you can also set up a trigger in File Options that is performed each time a window is closed. That script can check to see if the closing window's name is the name for this window and if so, do what you need to close the window with either an "Ok" or "Cancel" result.

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                     Actually, I ran into problems if I didn't use Exact (or something equivalent).  Other key presses (such as "e" = 102) would trigger this script (matched on "10"), and fall through to the OK section, without using Exact.  Maybe that was because of something else I was doing?  The Exact() wrapper was the only thing I did differently.

                     Thanks for the pointers on windowing options.  I will look into those. 


                     -- J

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                       That should not be the case. Code returns a number and pressing "e" will not make

                       Code (Get (TriggerKeystroke) ) = 10

                       a true statement. 103 will not equal 10 nor 13.

                       And I've used this code extensively on a layout where I wanted to have a 'smart tab' where pressing enter or tab jumps the focus to a different field than the default order when the user context can benefit from such a "jump".

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                         Hmmmm...it is as you say.  I retested and things worked without the Exact() code.  I swear that I had tested and stepped through the script and saw the odd behavior before.  Oh well. 

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                           Mind you that there's nothing incorrect about using Exact, it's just not needed in this situation and when I see something like that, I comment on it in case there's an underlying issue that might be keeping things from working for you.