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Capturing 'Record Modified By' info

Question asked by Sendnot on Apr 3, 2009
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Capturing 'Record Modified By' info


I have an inventory system in FileMaker Pro 7, hosted by Filemaker Pro Server. Recently, we've become aware that some records have been changed and we'd like to be able to see who is making the changes. We do not use individual login names; we have, in our office, 4 people using the inventory, one of them being my boss and she wants full privileges to the database. Some of us in the office think that she might be the one screwing things up, but of course you just can't go accusing the boss, right?


To add to the problem, she doesn't understand or like FileMaker Pro very much and she's not willing to learn, so she's trying to get rid of it in our organization (she has a tough job ahead of her!). I've seen her before trying to perform a simple find and I had to show her that you had to click the 'find' button on the left side of the screen to complete the query. This is why most of us think she could be the problem. I would like to be able to capture the I.P. address or the NIC info of any computer that modifies a record. I've looked at the Get(SystemIPAddress) and Get(SystemNICAddress), but how would I go about capturing that information when a record is modified? Would I have to trigger a script to copy the Get(SystemIPAddress) or Get(SystemNICAddress) into another field?


I'd like for each of us who use the database to have their own logins & passwords, then it would be easy to track this, but she's incurious, incompetent and resistant to change, so I already know the answer if I suggest that to her. But if I can tag the computer that made the change, then I have some ammo to use...


Thanks, TGIF!!!