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capturing how many speakers of how many languages

Question asked by tragedyinpants on Apr 22, 2009
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capturing how many speakers of how many languages


Hi, I'm new to Filemaker and I'm having trouble conceptualizing how everything should fit together in the database I'm building (and what I need to learn to make it work).


Basically, I want to keep track of which languages (usually multiple) were spoken in a program and how many people spoke each language. I'd like to do that in such a way that I can add up numbers for each language from multiple records.


Is there an easy way for me to do this that doesn't involve creating a field for each language that might be spoken? Or, if that is my best option, how could I make only the languages with 1 or more speakers appear in a report or summary layout?


Any recommendations?

I'm using Filemaker Pro 9.