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capturing summary field as denominator to use in same subsummary

Question asked by kodapei on Jun 12, 2010
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capturing summary field as denominator to use in same subsummary




i am using fmp v8 with winXP.  the DB is neither shared nor published.  i am a beginning-intermediate user.


i would like to generate a summary report listing the average volume (m3) of mounted animal specimens by:

1º sort: size classification of animal (XXL, XL, L, M, S, XS)

2º sort: mount orientation (vertical, horizontal, diagonal)

3º sort: animal’s age (adult, subadult, juvenile, infant).


further, at each animal’s age, i would like to express its average volume as a percent of the adult’s avg volume in the same mount orientation class.  and that’s the part i’m having trouble with – how to capture the adult’s avg volume by mount orientation class and use it as a denominator in the other calculations in the same subsummary.


today i’ve investigated Set Field/Set Variable scripting, If/Case statements, GetSummary with Case statement, but can’t seem to put it together to make it work.  i was able to successfully capture the denominator using a simple Case statement with GetSummary, but decided against that path because i would then have to copy that calc field to a permanent field which would not be continuously updated.


would appreciate any help you can give. 


thanks in advance.