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Capturing Tab Object Name

Question asked by wacole1213 on Oct 31, 2014
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Capturing Tab Object Name



Have a layout with several tabs.  In layout mode, clicking on the tab name field, using the Inspector, have given each tab a Name by entering that name in the Name field under the Position tab in the Inspector.  I understand that this sets the object name.

Then to test whether I had given the tabs the correct names I created this script:

Show Custom Dialog ["test"; Get(ActiveLayoutObjectName)]

Then attached this to the OnPanelChange script trigger which is attached to the tab name [click twice on the tab while in layout mode].

When I click on a tab in Browse mode [I'm assuming that this makes the tab "active".] I get a nice dialog box named "test" but the contents are blank, though clicking from tab to tab does execute the script trigger.  What is wrong, please?

Thanks very much,

Bill Cole  FM13 Advanced