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           Ok, maybe it's the holidays and my brain is fried, but I'm on a deadline here and need help.

           This database is to manage annual caroling at local hospitals and hospices. I need to allow guests to sign up online. It's ok if they see the names of others who are attending, but not other personal information such as phone number, etc.

           This will be accessible to the public, and unknown people will be following a URL to signup, so I will not be pre-assigning user names and passwords to individuals.

           How can I allow people to enter personal information in a layout, and even change it if necessary, without others viewing it, yet still be able to see who is signed up?

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               With scripts, the online system could allow each new user to create an account as part of their registration process. You wouldn't have to create them for each caroler. They can fill in global fields for an account name and password, the system's "run with full access permission" account creation script can then check to see if the account names already exist or not and then creates the account names and passwords.

               That way, users logging in as guests can only be permitted to access the registration page for creating a new account, but they can use their accountname and passwords to access their info to edit it.

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                 That is completely new terirtory for me. I'd gladly look through guides and probably spend a few hours worling it out, but I'm really in a panic crunch.

                 Any way you can "hold my hand", just a little, and guide me along? Or perhaps there are some examples out here ai can download?

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                   This isn't something that I've actually done in an IWP solution. I've done it in Regular FileMaker using some global fields. It's not terribly difficult to set up as the "account" script steps are pretty straight forward for creating an account from some fields.

                   Or is setting up record level access control, what you use to keep each user from seeing records that belong to other users, the main concern?

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                     Ok, I've got the account setup part done.

                     Yes, I need help with the revord level access control, please.

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                       To start, see "Editing record access privileges" in FileMaker Help and check out this particular sub section: "Entering a formula for limiting access on a record-by-record basis".

                       Your "lock" expression that you can use with this can be as simple as:

                       Get ( AcountName ) = AccountNameField

                       Where AccountNameField is a text field in your table that stores the user's account name.

                       With Record Level Access control in place, any find performed by a script or the user will automatically omit records that they are not permitted to access. So you can use a script to perform a find and pull the data up on a layout designed for that purpose when a user that is not a "guest" accesses the database.