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    Carriage Return



      Carriage Return


      From 8.5 to FM 11. How do I move text down within a field?  The return key jumps to the next field.

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          Disable the return key as a key for moving to the next field. In FileMaker 11, this option is found in Behavior Section on the Data tab of the Inspector.

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            The return box was not checked but it still jumps to the next field.

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              Return or Enter? Mac or Windows?

              I encountered another case in this forum where a poster's laptop entered the Enter key character when he pressed return if he had the num Lock key enabled. Might be something like that involved. I assume you don't have any script triggers involved here...

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                It's a Mac running 10.6.6. So the return key says both enter and return. None of the boxes (tab, return, or enter) in inspector are checked.

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                  And no triggers...

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                    That's even stranger. With none of the options selected, Pressing return, tab or enter should not put the cursor in the next field of the tab order. Enter does still exit the field, however. I can't find any way to replicate this behavior that your responses haven't ruled out. Apologies for an obvious question, but you did have the field selected at the time you checked its behavior settings in the inspector?

                    If so, then let's try this quick test:

                    Write this script:

                    Show Custom Dialog [Code ( Get ( TriggerKeyStroke ) ) ]

                    In FileMaker 11, use either the OnObjectModify or OnObjectKeystroke script triggers to run this script.

                    If pressing the return key is working like it should, you will see the number 13, the ASCII code for the return character pop up in the dialog. If you see 10, then for some reason your system is inputting an enter key instead of return.

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                      I'm glad you asked the obvious question! MY apologies- was working too quickly. Thanks for your time.