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Carriage return position for text parsing

Question asked by yomango on Apr 24, 2015
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Carriage return position for text parsing


i am seeking advise on how to go about parsing 1000 sentences in a single text field into five fields for each sentence (ignore the number 2 ):

Fiserv Inc
Brookfield, Wisconsin 
$1 bil. - $5 bil. Revenue Over 10,000 Employees
Fiserv, Inc., provides integrated information management and electronic commerce systems and services, including transaction processing, electronic bill payment and presentment, business process outsourcing, document distribution services, and software...

i was hoping to use the carriage return Position function so I can parse the text between carriage returns but FM does not return the right position number. On the instance above, if the calculation is   Position(data::Data;"¶";1;1), the answer is 1; if the calculation is    Position(data::Data;"¶";2;1) the answer is 6 and from then on the answer is always 6.  I used    Position(data::Data;char(13);1;1) and the answers where the same as with the paragraph symbol. I guess I am doing it wrong. I'd appreciate any help