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Carrying A Variable To Second Database

Question asked by BeeRich_ on Jun 5, 2011
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Carrying A Variable To Second Database


Hi folks.  How do I take a variable or a piece of data into a second table?

alpha.fp7::field1 ==> bravo.fp7::field1

$myVar is a local variable in a script

$$myVar is a "global" variable in a database, which is not really global.  

So how can I get the value in alpha.fp7::field1 over to bravo.fp7 and parked into a variable?  Setting the variable in alpha.fp7 will only pertain to alpha.fp7, so I have to copy it and run a script in bravo.fp7.  But, there's nothing that can grab the clipboard value.  

Do I have to enter a dummy field?  I thought the days of FileMaker workarounds were over.