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Cartesian Join Portal Not Filtering Correctly

Question asked by RichNasser on Aug 29, 2014
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Cartesian Join Portal Not Filtering Correctly



     I have a cartesian join to TASKS and EMPLOYEES - in my TASK layout I want a simple portal that shows all the employees that are not assigned that task.  The program knows which employee is currently assigned the task via a pop-up that is connected to a global field (and I know which empID it is) - so when I try to filter saying don't show in the portal the person with empID x it still shows in the portal see  screenshot.


     I've checked to make sure my stuff is comparing numbers to numbers etc.  I'm thinking that because it's a Cartesian join, it doesn't like something


     In the screenshot the pop-up with the name Peter on the left is that the one I am trying to filter.  The numbers on the left side of the portal are the empID numbers and the number on the right is the global value of empID (so Peter is 9)


     the filter calc is EMPL 2::__pkEmplID≠EMPL 2::g_EmployeeSelection1


     EMPL2 is [X] to TASK and other than that there is no other relation


     Thanks all


     Last thing: when I have a different filter i.e. EMPL2::Status <> "Inactive" the filter works properly