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    Cascade Container field (Images) 4 across horizontally



      Cascade Container field (Images) 4 across horizontally


      I am working with a graphics firm where we are trying to cascade a found container (images) in a multiple (4 up at 3"x3") horizontal view. Currently we can only view the found container field vertically, one record at a time. We can make the layout small enough to see multiple records on one page, but each single record is still being shown vertically. Is there a way (Or a plug-in) that would allow us so see the found container results in a horizontal (Across the page) format?



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             You can create calculation fields that each reference a different image and place them horizontally. You can also define serveral portals, each of which displays a single image and line them up side by side. I, or another forum poster, can describe these techniques in more detail for you, but it will help a lot if you can describe your tables, fields and how a user "finds" the images.