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cascading delete problem

Question asked by ericjlindholm on Jun 12, 2013
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cascading delete problem



                    I am aware that this may be impossible to diagnose without seeing other information but am grasping at straws here.  Can anyone identify from this script how I might be triggering a cascading delete?



If [ not IsEmpty(EVENT::Event Start Date) and not IsEmpty(EVENT::Event End Date) and not IsEmpty(EVENT::Account Manager ID)

and not IsEmpty(EVENT::Event Type)and not IsEmpty(EVENT::Event Status) ]

Freeze Window

Set Error Capture [ On ]

Set Variable [ $$TriggersOFF; Value:True ]

Set Variable [ $STARTDATE; Value:EVENT::Event Start Date ]

Set Variable [ $ENDDATE; Value:EVENT::Event End Date ]

Set Variable [ $EVENTID; Value:EVENT::Event ID ]

Freeze Window

Go to Layout [ “Event Days” (Event Days) ]

Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Event Days::event ID: “=$EventID” ] [ Restore ]

Delete All Records

[ No dialog ]

                    Exit Loop If
New Record/Request
                    Set Field
[ Event Days::date; $STARTDATE ]
Set Field [ Event Days::event ID; $EVENTID ]
Set Variable [ $STARTDATE; Value:$STARTDATE+1 ]

End Loop
                    Go to Layout
Go to Related Record [ From table: “EVENT”; Using layout: “EVENT” (EVENT) ] Set Variable [ $$TriggersOff; Value:False ]
Set Error Capture [ Off ]

End If