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Cascading Dropdown List Issues

Question asked by BradenDouglass on Oct 22, 2010
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Cascading Dropdown List Issues


Ok all, I am thinking that this might be a little difficult to explain but I will give it a whirl:

Need: A layout that allows me to choose a Company name (dropdown list) then it will populate another field named address with all of the addresses associated with the company.  When I select the address I would like it to fill in the city, state, zip, etc from the address table.  If it is a new company, I would like to be able to type in the name and have it create a new record in the company table, and the same with the address table.

What I have is both tables created along with another table which is just someone's name.  The relationship is between the companyName (unique) and the ship address. 

Problem: I can get the company name to show but once I click on it, it automatically autopopulates the shipping fields with the first shipping value.  If I change the address value it will overwrite it in the shipping table; however, it will not change the rest of fields.

It is almost like the other fields need to be repopulated after the change?  I know this isn't a really great explanation but any help would be golden, thanks all.

What I want (in a nutshell)

Customer Selection (Pop Up from customer tab) (able to add record back to original table if new)

-> shipping address (Related to the specific customer, drop down list) (able to add record back to original table if new)

-> have all of the remaining fields fill in depending on the address chosen (city, state, zip)