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    Cascading field values



      Cascading field values




      I have a table(Fabrics_Library) in DB(Translations) to which I've had to add a couple of fields and users have been updating these fields with info.

      I have also added 2 fields to the table(Program_fabrics) in DB(Programs), there is a TO of Program_Fabrics in the Translations DB which is linked to the table Fabrics.

      I've also added 2 fields to a table(Style_Fabrics) in DB(Style_Main), there is a TO of Program_Fabrics in the Style_Main DB.


      I need to have the fields in Programs::Program_Fabrics and Style_Main::Style_Fabrics updated with the info from Translations::Fabric_Library. 

      Is it possible to have a calculation to cascade the info into the new fields in Program_Fabrics and Style_Fabrics and if so how does one go about this?

      Hope this clear(like mud maybe).





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          It's pretty muddy so far. Wink

          Why do you need separate files? (it complicates the relationship design)

          You describe a table, Fabrics_Library, but then go on to describe a relationship between Program_Fabrics and Fabrics. Is Fabrics and Fabrics_Library the same table?

          What fields are used in what kinds of relationships in each of these relationships?

          What is the purpose of each of these tables?

          What kind of data do you need to "cascade" from one table into the others? (Often proper relationship/table structure precludes the need for cascading updates) and why?

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            Thought as much.

            Unfortunately I inherited this octopus.

            The users require this info at the style level and there is also a data export at the style level.

            The data has been added to the Translations::Fabric_Library table and is relevant to fabric we source.

            I've included screen shots of the relationships and linking for the DB's and tables.

            The heirarchy is..

            TranslationsDB ---> ProgramsDB ---> StyleBookDB

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