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Cascading tables issue .... yet again

Question asked by rzach on Jul 21, 2014
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Cascading tables issue .... yet again


     I would not have been able to progress without the help of other posts in this forum.  I admit it took me a long time to work it out ... and I am almost there.  I must acknowledge here my thanks to mark sanders.


     I am developing a database with cascading tables
     tab1::index -> tab2::index -> tab3::index
     tables 2 and 3 have an index, a name, a pointer to the previous field and a global field.  This last field is used to create restricted lists with the index and the name which is the SHOW value.
     Then I create a layout where I place drop-down fields attached to dynamic list to restrict choices down the "cascade".
     It all works fine EXCEPT that instead of showing the second value of the dynamic list it shows the index.  Only when I press the down arrow in the drop-down field do the names associated with the index appear. This is extremely confusing!
     How can I refresh the drop down so it shows names rather than indexes?