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Cascading Update for Inventory Item Location

Question asked by SkipperID on Nov 8, 2012
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Cascading Update for Inventory Item Location



     Newbie here, using FM12. 

     I have a db with inventory items, which are all stored in different locations. I have a [Locations] table which sort of works like an order details table linked to the [Item] table. 

     LocationRecordID (PK)
     ItemID (on [Items])

     What I'd like to be able to do is: 
     1. Scan barcode of Item
     2. Scan barcode of parent location
     3. Update higher level data into current field.

     For example:
     I have previously recorded that Box #5 is in Building 1, Room 2, Row 3, Shelf 4, Pallet 5

     I want to put Item #22 into box #5. So I scan Item #22 and Scan Box #5, and then want the rest of the fields to note that it is in Building 1, Room 2, etc. 

     I want this to cascade (upwards, I think) so that if I can go to the warehouse and make changes to any part of this storage chain (move the pallet to a different shelf, Row, Room, Building and still know where the item is.)

     SO: If I move box #5 to a different pallet, shelf, etc. all I would need to do is scan Box #5 and the new pallet/shelf/ etc. # and I would have the current location of any part of the location of the item. (because the item is still in Box #5)

     - not worried about the scanning scripts in this post
     - Some items can be in a room but not on a shelf, not on a row, pallet, etc.
     - I am not only concerned with where the item is, I am also concerned with where it has been

     Not sure I am going about this the right way... any thoughts would be appreciated!