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Cascading Value List - Fields not automagically updating

Question asked by TyeRadcliffe on May 7, 2011
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Cascading Value List - Fields not automagically updating



I'm using FM Pro 11 on a Mac. Very very new to all of this, so your patience is very much appreciated.

Reading the posts here in the forum, I was able to successfully build some cascading value lists. Thank you to all whom have contributed!!

Here's an example of the fields in my layout:





Product ID

The user first selects a radio button in the Style category (such as Long Sleeve), then the Type radio buttons change to reflect the different types of Long Sleeve garments available.

Then the user selects a Type (e.g. T-Shirt,) then the Gender box is supposed to update with Men's or Women's Youth, etc...

My symptom is that my objects are not being populated with data until I click inside the objects themselves as I move left to right through my form. So eventually I get all of the correct data I need, but I would like to see the correct corresponding choices before I click into the objects. For a new record, the subsequent boxes say "no valid data" until I click in there or if I've been playing around with different Styles or Types, the data in the subsequent boxes remains the unchanged until I click them again.

Perhaps a script trigger could help me, assuming this is working as designed? If a script is in order, I would appreciate any detailed advice anyone can spare.

I would appreciate any help or advice.