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Case Calculation

Question asked by BERGSTEN on Feb 3, 2011
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Case Calculation


When a new record is generated in my invoice table, the account that created it timestamps it and auto fills the "Entered_By" field with their first name (the name of his or her account). On the customer view, it would be helpful to have the whole name listed as the person who quoted them, for us last names don't matter on the accounts since we're a small company. 

I want a field to list the whole name of the following people on a print layout only, so I created a separate field called EnteredByFull that is a calculation field with a text result. I can't seem to get the calculation to work:

Case(EnteredByFull; Self ;

Entered_By = "Andrew"; "Andrew Jones";

Entered_By = "Greg"; "Greg Smith";

Entered_By = "Kim"; "Kim Greene";

Entered_By = "Bob"; "Bob Johnson";Self)