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case calculation to determine dates based on text

Question asked by AdamReed on Oct 30, 2014
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case calculation to determine dates based on text


I'm trying to create a calculated date field which is the date a particular payment is due.  That date is determined by the type of payment (text), for instance, a payment due "upon signature of a contract" is therefore due on whatever the DATE the contract is.  A payment due "upon delivery of a book" is due on the date on which the book is to be delivered.  So users will indicate things like "Advance on Signature" or "Advance on Delivery" and I'd like to calculate the due date based on the dates associated with the particular type of payment.  I've tried:

Case ( 
payment type = "Advance on Signature" ; contract::date of contract ; 
payment type = "Advance on Delivery and Acceptance" ; book contract link::delivery date ; 
"" )

I don't get any errors doing this, but the field displays nothing.  Any ideas?

Thanks very much,