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CASE Function in calculation field

Question asked by MattDeBono on Dec 1, 2013
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CASE Function in calculation field


     Help please,


     I have typed the formula I require into the calculation field but for some reason it looks like its picking up a blank field and viewing it as 0 (the number) instead of just blank.

     I am trying to do the following

     Case ( Urgency = "U" ; "Flag Defect" ; Urgency = "I" ; "Flag Defect" ; Clearance < 4.5 ; "Flag Defect" )

     This formula is for a calculation field in my table and shows the criteria if the field is to equal "Flag Defect", if not it remains blank.

     It works fine without the Clearance < 4.5 but after I introduce that it seems to pick up every record less than 4.5 not already selected as well as every other record where the clearance field is blank.

     Any help on this would be much appreciated as it has me stumped.