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Question asked by Annette on Oct 21, 2013
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Case Statement Help


     I have the following Case statement:


     Case ( ImmediateStart = "Yes"; "P1 - Immediate Start"; Category = "5a" and ImmediateStart = "No" ; "P2 - 5a "; Category = "5i" and ImmediateStart = "No" ; "P3 - 5i "; Category = "5" and ImmediateStart = "No" ; "P4 - Remaining Category 5 "; Category = "4" and ImmediateStart = "No" ; "P5 - Category 4's")

     For the two sections I have in bold what I'm trying to say is:

     If there are any other category 5's other than those listed previous in the statement, make them P4..etc 

     And for any category 4's (regardless of the letter after the 4) and immediate start = No make them P5 Category 4's.  

     I just don't know how to basically say the remaining different category 5's and all the category 4's as they would all have a letter after them.