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    Case Statement using AND OR



      Case Statement using AND OR


      Hi everyone


      I have this Case Statement in a calculated field call OFF-SITE

      ( Inspection Type = "Shipment - Offsite" or Inspection Type = "Receipt/Shipment" and Planned Ship Date < Get ( CurrentDate ); "OFF-SITE"; "ON-SITE")

      Inspection Type has multiple selections and Planned Ship Date could be any date the user sets.

      The idea is if the user selects either of those two options and the Planned Ship Date is less than today's date then the calculated field shows the text OFF-SITE. Otherwise it should show ON-SITE

      I thought it was working but the user just showed me that if they choose "Shipment - Offiste"  and select a ship date that is greater than today it still shows OFF-SITE

      What did I do wrong here?