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Question asked by wimrippen on Mar 26, 2013
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     I have FM12Pro adv and FMServe 12 pro. and Win7.


     Trying to perform a CASE and REPLACE but not working so good.

     I have a Script,which should replace (number) Field "FrUSA" in Database " Allfreights" linking "Shport'fields" both sides.


     T01_ACCOUNTS::Shport="New York";"1200";


     (this is just an short example of Shipping ports,total file upto 600+ destinations in same script.)


     If I make a Trial Script with only one line : T01_ACCOUNTS::Shport="Houston";"800"; then all other destination are set to blank,empty.


     If I run the total scrips (600+) then only a part of it is updated/replaced, but about half of its fields FrUSA are set to zero (0)


     Where is the error ??


     Thanks for helping me out.