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Case/Sum/GetRepetition CalculationTrouble

Question asked by Dekade on Mar 23, 2014
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Case/Sum/GetRepetition CalculationTrouble


     I have a workaround in mind but I'd rather have the below attempted calculation work. The workaround will take some time and I just want to get this little area functioning.

     I didn't want this to get lost in the shuffle from yesterday. I am still interested in knowing if there is any way that I can get my calculation to work.

     Notice the layout picture. There are 14 repetitions that represent 2 sets of 7 days (Saturday thru Sunday per each set). I have two calculations. One calculation for each 7day set of repetitions. The calculations are identical except for the repetition field numbers.

     I am wanting a calculation that adds ONLY those repetitions where "Frozen" has been selected. Thus my calculation should return a value of 17.23; but it does not.

     Here is my calculation. Can anyone help me with what I am overlooking and/or doing incorrectly in writing the calculation?

     FreezeYesNo = "Frozen" ;
     Sum (
     GetRepetition (TimestampActualDailyOT ; 1 );
     GetRepetition (TimestampActualDailyOT ; 2 );
     GetRepetition (TimestampActualDailyOT ; 3 );
     GetRepetition (TimestampActualDailyOT ; 4 );
     GetRepetition (TimestampActualDailyOT ; 5 );
     GetRepetition (TimestampActualDailyOT ; 6 );
     GetRepetition (TimestampActualDailyOT ; 7 )))

     Thanks for your help.