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Cash Flow Statement

Question asked by asdadsddsdds on Jan 20, 2014
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Cash Flow Statement


     Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, 

     First time posting here. I am an amateur filemaker user that is trying to make a cash flow statement file for my company,  I started out by making two tables, one for the names of the types of inflows and other for the names of the types outflows, then I made two other tables to input and report the inflows and outflows separately. Finally, I made an overview table, to get an overview of the amounts of inflows and outflows and here is where things get messy, I made a ton of portals to be able to get the totals of the categories for every month, but I cant, for the love of life, get filemaker to add the totals of the inflows and outflows for a particular month. I attached a picture of my overview layout and of my relationships. The portal rows on the left are for the inflows and the ones on the right are for the outflows. I really hope you guys can help me out.

     I thank you in advance for your help and please don't make fun of me :)