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           I'm trying to make a layout that will display records in different categories.

           Available, Dispatched... i'll have 5

           I want it to move to the next catigory, if i select the boolean check box for that category.

           My thought is to break them into subsumaries... but it will only sort on one of the categories.

           Any ideas? Is there a better way to do it?



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               HI Kirk,

               I'm confused a little bit about this.

               Can you go through my explanation and let me know your view?

               Suppose you are showing 5 categories records a in a layout with 5 portals(1 category record in one portal).






               On the top of  each layout there is a check box and if you click on this then it will go to the next category record details. Means  let you click on the check box  present on the top of the Cat2 then will it go to the details of only  Cat3 reords or all category records except the Cat2 records.

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                 I'm also unclear about your terminology.  'Boolean' implies that the possible values are 'Yes' and 'No', or 0 and 1.  But you want 5 values.  Do you have one field with 5 possible values, or 5 fields with 'Yes' and 'No' as the possible values?

                 When you say 'Check box' do you mean a check box that can have several values selected, or do you mean a radio button intended to only have one value selected?

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                   yes it is possible to make 1 field which may checked more than one value.

                   Just create a field make that field Edit box to check box set and there attached a list of check box value.

                   BTW I'm asking on my 1st post in this way...

                   Each category checkbox is present on the top of the portal e.g Cat1 check box is present on top of Cat1 portal and cat2 is present on top of Cat2 portal and so on....

                   These check box may only take yes/no or 1/0 value. If one is selected then it'll navigate to a new layout with the required Categories records.

                   let me know ur view o the same.


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                     Sorry, Atauf, I have caused some confusion.  I am clear about your post, but I was asking Kirk to be more clear about how the fields were set up.

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                       What I've done so far is:

                       Created  5 fields in the table. One for each category, and to have something to sort the sub summary by.

                       With the inspector, in the control style, I've made each of the fields a check box. My logic is Boolean 1 or 0. If its checked or a 1 then i want it to populate that sub summary once i sort it by that field.

                       I've created buttons at the top of the lay out that will sort on each sub summary...each field from the table.

                       It works on a limited basis... When i sort it by that field it changed to that fields sub summary... but it does not populate properly.

                       I can't tell why its populating the ones that it is... so i think I'm on the right track... maybe???

                       The other problem i see is that the Boolean check boxes are not mutually exclusive... if i check one i can check another and both will be checked.

                       I tried making a value list with the field names to eliminate that but, it would not populate or sort the sub summaries.

                       Any help or is there a better way to do it?



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                         I thought about the portals, but this is a dynamic list... it will move the record from one to the next until its delivered... availabel, covered, loaded...

                         I did not know how to get it from one portal to the next...

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                           How are your tables and data set up? We need more detail.

                           Do you have two tables and the selections you make control what categories of records are selected in the other table?

                           This sounds to me like a situation where you could make selections in your checkbox field or fields (either can be made to work) and then a script can perform a find that finds only records in the selected categories. Then, if you sort the records by your category field, a Sub Summary layout part can be set to appear for each category controlled group of records.

                           Am I correct that you have a single field that identifies a given record's category?

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                             Hi Phil,

                             One table.

                             Yes, a single field that identifies the given category.

                             I didn't even think of the find. That would be too simple... or i could also write a script that changes the color of the text based on the selected category.

                             If i did the find, and the sub summary like you said... can i have several sub summaries on one layout with different colors indicating which category they are in? Will i populate that way, with the find and sort? Should correct?


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                               Do you know how to create summary reports with sub summary layout parts? If not, that's some research/reading up that you need to do.

                          Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial

                               Do you know how to perform a scripted find? You can set up one or more global fields where the user selects the desired categories then clicks a button to find just the categories selected:  Scripted Find Examples

                               Once you get that working you can get a report that looks like this:

                               Category 1
                                   Record in Category 1 #1
                                   Record in Category 1 #2

                               Category 2
                                   Record in Category 2 #1

                               and so forth...

                               Then you can use conditional formats to specify text and/or fill colors for your different categories.

                               Note: this method does not work with Instant Web Publishing

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                                 I  already have it programmed to go to the layout via a found script.

                                 The layout has 5 sub summary parts.

                                 I have the check boxes, checked.

                                 The found set has 66 records.

                                 Its not populating accouding to the sort...

                                 It wold be much simpler to just use the sort buttons as find buttons and populate it by the found set... but why isn't the sub summary working?

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                                   The layout should only have ONE sub summary part that appears up to 5 times depending on which selected categories are found.

                                   Example. Let's say you have a category field that stores one of these text values: Fruit, Vegetable, Mineral.

                                   You put one sub summary layout part on your layout "when sorted by" the category field.

                                   You perform your find to find the needed records and, This is critical, you sort your found records by the category field. This groups your records by category and is necessary before the sub summary part will be visible.

                                   This, BTW, is all covered in the tutorial that I recommended.

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                                     Ok i went with no sub summries and found sets.

                                     How do i get it to sort on radio buttons value list? I can use the sorts to put the sorted ones at the top of the list when they view the all together.

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                                                           Ok i went with no sub summries and found sets.


                                                      Which means that what I am recommending will not work for you.


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                                         Yes, but how can i sort on a radio button vale list?

                                         I can use that when viewing all of them together, to bring the "sorted" one to the top.

                                         I don't have a sub summary sort... just looking to sort the found set. I used a radio button so the values will be mutually exclusive.

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