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Cd Collection Database Internal Track Info Query

Question asked by JohnFitzgerald on Oct 8, 2012
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Cd Collection Database Internal Track Info Query


     Hello , 

     I am looking at creating a database of my Cd Collection. I have seen various templates online but I want to go a level deeper with the track info to include info like musicians and instruments on a per track instance.

     I am Trying to figure out 

     1   Will I need to create a new record per track or is it to create a record within a record? And if so will the search criteria only  work within the album or throughout the entire database.

     2   With reference to my attached screenshot . As I enter the track Name can i get the track listing box to auto number the track  and create the next trackname "field" as required

     3   Can It be setup so when a track is selected that the associated Musicians and instrumentation will appear in the info  box.


     I am concious that alot of this is view specific.

     I hope this makes sense and am aware that i may be completly out of my depth here.

     Thanks in advance . John


     My ultimate goal is to be able to cross reference track versions and musicians  over time.