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Cell with "Default" Proper case

Question asked by TylerNelson on Aug 20, 2014
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Cell with "Default" Proper case


     I just noticed an oddity on a layout of a solution I inherited. I have a field called "zcStatus". The values of this field are the result of a calculation such as "ACTIVE", "INACTIVE", etc. (all UPPER case). Yet somehow the formatting of the field itself is set to Proper case. So the field name in Layout mode displays as "Zcstatus" (even though it is actually "zcStatus" in manage database. My UPPER case values all display as Proper case on the layout in browse mode. I fixed this by simply adding a new field to the layout, but I had to manually format it to look like the old field, because copying and pasting the format from the old field gave it the Proper case attribute.

     Does anyone have a theory as to what causes this formatting in the "Default" style? It doesn't seem to be something I can control. I'm guessing this is just a ramification of converting the solution through several previous versions of Filemaker...