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Center IWP Webpage Content

Question asked by Kundinger on Dec 3, 2008
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Center IWP Webpage Content


Hi All,
I have created many solutions for clients using FMP/FMPA and deployed these solutions with FMS/FMSA with FMP access and web access.  IWP works absolutely great with a few exceptions, one being...
When a user opens a 'static' (non-FMP generated) webpage, the content is generally displayed in the "center" of the web browser.  When a user clicks a 'link' to access the IWP solution, they are prompted for Log-on credentials which is also "centered" in the web browser.  But, when IWP displays the solution layouts, the content is always displayed in the "upper-left" corner of the web browser. 
I know that this is purely "esthetic" and really shouldn't matter.  In past years with 800x600 or 1024x768 resolution displays, it was NOT a big issue.  But now we have many different display resolutions and users that make their web browser pages to be different sizes.
Most web developers generally display content "centered" in the web browser regardless of the display resolution or web browser page size.  This makes for a 'consistent' and 'appealing' appearance!  When IWP generates the web content to the "upper-left", it has the "feeling" of 'inconsistency' and 'akwardness' and many of my solution users complain.
Does anyone have any suggestions, short of CWP, that will 'tell' IWP to center the content in the web browser?