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Center object horizontally TO PAGE

Question asked by GusGustavo on Mar 29, 2013
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Center object horizontally TO PAGE


     Is there no way to quickly and simply set the horizontal position of an object (text box, image, etc.) to be centered on the page?

     Since I could not find one, I tried to center it by calculating and inputting the position values manually, which also does not work:

     I have a field that is 3.931 inches in width, and the layout page size is US Letter (8.5 inch width). So I calculated the value for the left side position like so:  (8.5 inch / 2) - (3.931 inch / 2) = 2.2845 inch. Since we can only have 3 decimal places, I round to 2.285. When I try to put this into the value box, it immediately changes it to 2.292. WHAT THE HELL?

     First of all, why can't FM give an easy way to align TO PAGE. Why are the alighment tools only for aligning RELATIVE TO OTHER OBJECTS???  Secondly, why is it changing what I input into some of the fields?