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    Center object horizontally TO PAGE



      Center object horizontally TO PAGE


           Is there no way to quickly and simply set the horizontal position of an object (text box, image, etc.) to be centered on the page?

           Since I could not find one, I tried to center it by calculating and inputting the position values manually, which also does not work:

           I have a field that is 3.931 inches in width, and the layout page size is US Letter (8.5 inch width). So I calculated the value for the left side position like so:  (8.5 inch / 2) - (3.931 inch / 2) = 2.2845 inch. Since we can only have 3 decimal places, I round to 2.285. When I try to put this into the value box, it immediately changes it to 2.292. WHAT THE HELL?

           First of all, why can't FM give an easy way to align TO PAGE. Why are the alighment tools only for aligning RELATIVE TO OTHER OBJECTS???  Secondly, why is it changing what I input into some of the fields?

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               I've been using the following method since FileMaker 3....

          1.           Enter Layout Mode
          3.           Select any desired Margin settings in Layout Setup...
          5.           Select the correct printer, page size, page orientation in printer or page setup.
          7.           Place a layout object on the layout. It can be a button, layout text, a field...
          9.           Place the left edge of the object on the far left edge of the screen.
          11.           Resize the object, dragging the right hand edge of the object until it reaches the vertical line marking the edge of the printed page.
          13.           Lock the object so that it can't be moved.
          15.           Now add any layout objects to your layout that you want to center horizontally. Use center alignment to align them to the locked object.
          17.           If the locked object is not one that I wish to keep on my layout, I unlock it and delete it. I then lock at least one of the other centered objects so that I can align any future layout objects to it.

               Note that for layout text, you can just choose center alignment and do steps 5 and 6 to horizontally center it.