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    Center window on screen



      Center window on screen


      Hello All,

      Kindly help me how to center my window on the screen. I have a simple database that I made from my laptop. 

      Opening on the laptop is fine, but when I tried to open to a desktop with a screen of 22" all my layouts looks ugly. 

      Is there any script or calculation that can be used and apply to all my layouts?

      Any help that you can extend is highly appreciated.

      Thank you.




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          This isn't hard to do. First set a couple of variables. Not really required but it makes things a little easier to read...

          $sh = get(screenHeight)

          $sw = get(screenWidth)

          $wh  = get(windowHeight)

          $ww = get(windowWidth)

          Then use the move/resize window script to move the window.  Set the top to ($sh - $wh)/2 and set the left to ($sw - $ww)/2.  

          Sorry for the crappy formatting, this forum does not play well with my iPad. 

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