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Change a field's contents by Date calculation?

Question asked by bmjboy on Dec 3, 2010
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Change a field's contents by Date calculation?


Hi - I need some assistance on the following please:

We take calls/enquiries and log them into a database.

The enquiry is datestamped.

All enquiries are then displayed (via a portal) for users to action upon.

However, not all enquiries are fully dealt with, or customers may lose interest.

Therefore, we need them removing from the portal (but record kept) so I have set a "status" field to LIVE or CLOSED.

I wish to have an automated script or function which automatically sets all "LIVE" records which are 14 days or older to "CLOSED".

In words my calculation would be:

IF Status = LIVE, AND Creation Date is old than 14 days, then set field to CLOSED.

How can this be done please?  Examples welcome.