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Change Active Field to Avoid Loop in OnObjectExit

Question asked by RyanDunn_1 on Jul 10, 2015
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Change Active Field to Avoid Loop in OnObjectExit


I have a multiple portal row layout with a multiple drop-down menus that will execute scripts with 'OnObjectExit' enabled. Once the script is finished executing, a generic field is then activated outside of the multiple portal row layout, but I do not see any code within the scripts that is performing the field activation. All the drop down menu's perform this task perfectly, except for one. Instead of activating the generic field, it moves down the next portal row, activates it, then the 'OnObjectExit' gets called again when I click elsewhere, and then I'm in a big loop of ugly.

I've tried adding in 'Go To Field[] ' and 'Go To Object[] ' in this rogue script, and it would activate the desired location, but when the script ends, the next portal row will activate, and I'm back in the hideous loop of ugly. The proper functionality behaves the same way. Once the script has ended, then the generic field is activated, but instead of going to the next portal row, it stays on the generic field.

Is there any behind the scenes operations that filemaker uses to go to a certain field/location after a script has been performed? That seems to be the issue, but I cannot find where any setting like this could be. I've attached an image of what is happening. Hopefully the picture will help in more detail.