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    Change background color in container field



      Change background color in container field


      Is there a way to change the background color of a container field when in browse mode, either by a script, a calculation field, or perhaps a plug-in? Thanks.

      Sorry, I didn't make it clear that there is no image, all I need is a container square with a colored background, but I need to be able to change that color in each container field literally a thousand times depending on the thread. I currently do that with a calculated field and the function TextColor using the solid block from Arial, but it's a messy solution requiring manipulating the number of blocks, size of font, size of field, etc. I would like to have a container field and be able to alter the color simply by changing the RGB values in three fields.

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          You can use conditional formatting to change the fill color to a field, but this is unlikely to work well with a container field as the image in the container is likely to fill the field and thus obscure this color in your field.

          There's a very good possibility here that you'd need multiple versions of the image in your container field--each with a different background color that's part of the image before you could make the background color change.