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Change behavior of "Live Search" script

Question asked by ABuchtel on Aug 9, 2014
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Change behavior of "Live Search" script


     I have a "Live Search" script so that as the user types into the field at the top of the layout, the records automatically filter as they type. I have a screenshot of the script attached here. I got the script from It works perfectly when looking for text in the "AccountName" and "EventTitle" fields as shown.  I would like this script to also search the "EventID" field. That Field will always be the letter E followed by five digits, such as: E05015 or E04138  (that is: E oh five oh one five and E oh four one three eight)

     I did modify the script to include:

        Set Field [ Events::EventID ; $thisTerm]
        New Record/Request

     But when I attempt to search for any EventID, the script always breaks out (aborts) after I have typed the first two characters: E0

     Can someone point out the flaw in the logic that is causing this? Thank you very much, I really appreciate your assistance.