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    Change Control



      Change Control


           I have data seperated from layouts and scripts. Is there any way I can determine when the .fp7 file holding the layouts and scripts was last edited, from within a script.?

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               When Layouts or Scripts are edited, I don't think there is an automatic way to know that they have been edited.  If that is what you are asking about.

               If not, please exand on what you mean.

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                 On the opening screen of my application I have a Date Last Edited/Version No text field. Which relies on me remembereing to update it whenevr I make a change to a layout or a script, and I don't always.

                 What would be nice is for the main initialisation script to be able to update the field automagically.

                 But it looks like it might not be possible.

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                   You can use an OnOpen script, then you can add a Set Field step to enter in the current date or time.  That would activated each time you open your file.

              Set Field [ dateField ; Get ( CurrentDate ) ]

              Set Field [ timeField ; Get ( CurrentTime ) ]


              I forgot to mention:

              File -> File Options (on a Mac)

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                     How would that tell me the date time the layouts or scripts were last amended?

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                       Well, since you said,


                            main initialisation script to be able to update the field

                       I thought maybe you wanted the OnOpen Script that runs each time you open the file to fill in the date and/time you edit a layout.  I apologize for not understanding.


                       It seems that you probably will have to do it manually like you have been.