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Change Date into letter

Question asked by daveealex on Oct 19, 2009
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Change Date into letter


I have a client that does not like the expiration date to be seen. He would only like a letter M to show up when the time has past 2 years. Right now I have created the same thing but with dates using conditional formatting(box with date changes to red after 2 years). Is there any way for me to enter a date and the date change to an empty box for 2 years and then change to an M on the expiration date(or even a date box and the M box side by side and the date and m change together)? I know this is hard to understand(even for me(and I think him too)) he is an older gentleman and is kind of set on seeing the M in the box. In case you are wondering the M stands for Moroso in Italian(it means not paid in English).

Thank you in advance